NFSMI FUNDamentals/MyFUNDamentals - Technical Notes

This document describes the key components of NFSMI FUNDamentals/MyFUNDamentals software application and lists hardware and software requirements and recommendations.

Components Summary

Web Application Component (optional)

Local Application Component (required)

Database Container Component (required)

* SQL Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2014/2016 (including Express editions)

A SQL Server Database is preloaded and provided as a SQL Server Database Backup File. This file is downloaded and restored on a SQL Server in your district. This process requires administrative privileges and/or SQL Server 'sa' account password. For this reason, this procedure should be performed by IT personnel in your district. Instructions for restoring and configuring a FUNDamentals SQL Database Backup are available here.

Hardware and Software Requirements/Recommendations

Web Application

** Note: advanced setup and configuration documentation for third-party components provided by vendor

Local Application

The FUNDamentals/MyFUNDamentals software has been tested on the following Windows operating systems:

SQL Server Requirements (if utilizing a remote SQL Server Database)