Contract Billing Module for FUNDamentals

The SFSD Program Rates Module for NFSMI FUNDamentals enables School Foodservice Directors to establish other feeding programs not specifically addressed in the NFSMI FUNDamentals base product. Programs such as Meals on Wheels and Head Start can be monitered with this add on module. Please call Visual Solutions at (888) 228-3120 for details.

The following screen shots are provided to show you how easy this module is to setup and start using.

Meal Program Setup

Meal Programs may be added with an unlimited number of meal types for each program. In addition, contact details may be used to create a bill for the meals, as entered through the data entry screen.

Contracted Meal Programs Setup

Site Mapping

This screen allows for the mapping of meal programs to specific serving sites.

Contracted Meal Programs to Site Mapping

Billing Rates

This screen allows a rate to be established for each program meal type by site. Users may apply to rate to all sites that participate in the program. Also, the revenue source may be mapped to a revenue subcategory for accurate accounting.

Contracted Meal Program Rates

Contracted Meal Counts Data Entry

This screen allows data entry for each program meal type by site. Users have the option of generating the revenue based on a meal time rate formula.

Contracted Meal Counts Data Entry

Sample Reports

Of course the overall goal of getting all the data in, is to produce reports. Click a link below to view the report samples. (pdf format)