One-Click Distribution Module for FUNDamentals

The One-Click Distribution Module for FUNDamentals was designed to automate a series of monthly distribution operations and to provide additional flexibility for all distribution operations. All Distribution operations utilize the meal equivalent formula.

The following monthly distribution or allocation operations my be run sequentially depending on modules installed.

The One-Click Distribution module is an invaluable tool in situations where prior month postings are allowed in finance and YTD data imports from finance are being used, as it may be run for 'All Months', redistributing for all months for which data exists in the software. Basically, this rewrites all distributed records each time the module is run ensuring that prior period adjustments are captured.

The following screen shots are provided to show you how easy this module is to setup and start using.

Distribution Utility Main Screen

Users may select each distribution operation independently. Please note the 'All Months' option that is selected. One button click will perform each selected operation for each month for which data exists in the software. All distributions are calculated using the Meal Equivalent formula. Alternate months for July and June (or any month where no meals are detected) may be selected to calculate meal equivalents, since these months may not be appropriate for generating these percentages.

Administrative Distribution Module - Main Screen

Distribution Rules

These screens show how rules may be established for the distribution of Administrative and Prep Kitchen Financials.
Note the options for Administrative Expenditures. Items marked to be distributed as Administrative Overhead will be grouped as such on a Cost Analysis report.

Distribution Rules for Administrative Sites

Note the options for Prep Kitchen Expenditures, especially the percentage to distribute. If the percentage to distribute is less than 100%, for example 66.66%, then the remaining amount will be written straight to the serving site or prep kitchen. The number 66.66% was chosen as the example because it represents a solution to a real world issue. A school district had a school where the breakfast meals were provided by one school, and the lunch meals were provided by another school. Each site providing meals to this school were designated as Prep Kitchens, and both were linked to this school. Under the distribution rules for the school providing lunches, the percentage to distribute was set to 66.66% and the school providing the breakfasts was set to 33.34%. These percentages were chosen since the meal equivalents used by this district were set at 1 breakfast = .66 lunches, or a 2/3 ratio. In this way, the school receiving meals from two schools also received it's share of expenses, labor hours, and inventory values. Percentages of Labor Hours to distribute are based on the setting for Salaray and Wages. Percentage to Inventory Values to distribute are based on the appropriate expense category setting for Purchased Food, Donated Commodities, or Food Production Supplies.

Distribution Rules for Prep Kitchens