MyFUNDamentals Upgrade Information

MyFUNDamentals features a much improved user-defined interface for the core NFSMI FUNDamentals product.

MyFUNDamentals Launch Pad

This innovative interface was created due to customer feedback during training. Customers wanted a menu system that could be arranged to suit the business processes as they should occur in their own district. This interface works extremely well for districts that utilize multiple Add-On modules and imports. Shown above is a real customer's Monthly Procedure menu. Notice that the menus for monthly procedures have been arranged from top to bottom in the sequence in which they should occur. Customers may add, delete, or edit any menu item through the use of a special Menu Editor utility for MyFUNDamentals. Menus can be configured to perform the following tasks:

Every part of the menu system is user-defined including:

Another consideration for ugrading to MyFUNDamentals is that the core product, NFSMI FUNDamentals has reached the end of the development life-cycle. In other words, NFSMI FUNDamentals version 15.0.2 is the final release whereas MyFUNDamentals will continue to be improved and enhancements added per user request.

Review the Hardware and Software Requirements for upgrades or read the MyFUNDamentals Installation Document.