Provision Data Entry Module for FUNDamentals

The Provision Data Entry Module for FUNDamentals takes the labor out of calculating provision meals. This module uses the USDA approved formula for deriving Free Reduced and Paid provision meal counts based on your yearly or monthly provision percentages. Total meal counts for student meals are combined and then distributed each time the module is run. This module is a must have for those districts where the existing Point of Service software does not perform this task, or where all meals are mass entered under one meal status. This module may be used in conjunction with the Meals Allocation Module or as a standalone module. Please call Visual Solutions at (888) 228-3120 for details.

The following screen shots are provided to show you how easy this module is to setup and start using.

Provision Percentages Setup

Percentages are entered for Free and Reduced meal types. The Paid percentage is calculated automatically for you. Percentages may be established yearly or monthly for Breakfast or Lunch Percentages. Only sites flagged as Provision Breakfast or Lunch sites will be available in this screen.

Provision Percentages Setup

Provision Meal Conversion Screen

This screen totals all student meals for the meal type selected, and displays the distributed amounts based on the established percentages for each site. The distribution formula follows the USDA guidelines for rounding.

Provision Meal Counts Data Entry/Allocation

Visual Solutions can build an import for importing these percentages into the FUNDamentals system. Please call (888) 228-3120 for details.