FUNDamentals Sample Reports

In addition to this wide selection of reports, many of the reports may utilize custom grouping and filtering. Click a report name to view the sample report.

Manager Cost Analysis (full) Manager Cost Analysis (short)
Consolidated Cost Analysis Profit/Loss with Source Documents
Profit/Loss Comparison of Previous Year Profit/Loss Summary
Profit/Loss by Month Profit/Loss Short Form
Participation Meals per Labor Hour
Per Meal Plate Cost/Revenue Operating Ratios (Summary)
Operating Ratios (Detail) Federal Reimbursements and Meals Served
Statement of Revenues and Expenditures Revenues and Expenditures Drilldown
Meal Equivalents Meal Equivalent Ratios
Daily Other Food Sales to Enrollment Enrollment by Month
Administrative/Prep Center Revenues and Expenses Administrative/Prep Center Distribution Report
Commodity Revenue/Expense per Student Earned Meal Sales
Inventory Usage Inventory Details
Inventory Details by Site Inventory Offsets by Month
Inventory Chart by Month Labor Report
Lunch Reimbursement Breakout Lunch Reimbursement Summary
Meals Served by Month Meals Served by Site
Meals Served Detail by Program Meals Served Summary by Site
Revenues Bar Chart Expenses Bar Chart (stacked)
Meals Bar Chart (showing Lunch) Revenues Pie Chart
Monthly Analysis Drilldown Chart - Avg. Daily Meals Monthly Analysis Drilldown Chart - Enrollment
Monthly Analysis Drilldown Chart - Inventory Monthly Analysis Drilldown Chart - Revenues
Inventory Valuation by Month Chart