SFSD Revenue Calculator

This Add-On Module for NFSMI FUNDamentals is used to calculate revenues not imported or calculated in other areas of the software. A meal times rate formula is utilized. Users may generate revenues for student meal sales, federal and state reimbursements, adult meal sales, and meal types entered in the Program Meal Counts entry screen.


Revenue Calculator Main Screen
Step by Step:
  1. Select a date range. This will default to the current date range setting on the FUNDamentals Launch Pad. The module will use meal counts recorded for the selected date range to calculate the selected revenue categories.
  2. Select the revenue categories you want to calculate by placing a checkmark in the appropriate checkbox.
  3. Click the Start button. The module will prompt with a warning about overwriting any existing records.
    Overwrite Warning Prompt
  4. Click OK if you are sure you want to continue, otherwise click Cancel.