SFSD Invoice Tracking Module

The SFSD Invoice Tracking Module enables users to enter and track invoices by vendor, cost center, and expenditure sub-account. Multiple cost centers and expenditure sub-accounts may be linked to a single invoice.

Invoice Tracking Main Screen


Vendor Setup

Click the Vendor Setup menu to access the Vendor Setup Screen.

The Vendor Setup Screen lets users define vendors for which they will be receiving goods and invoices. Default expense sub-accounts may be enabled for each vendor. These default sub-accounts will be loaded automatically when the vendor is selected in the Data Entry Screen.

Invoice Tracking - Vendor Setup

Data Entry

The Data Entry Screens enable users to add new invoice records or edit/view existing invoice details. Users may enter and edit invoices using the Simple Data Entry Screen or the Optional Data Entry Screen.

Invoice Tracking - Simple Data Entry

The Optional Data Entry Screen provides a different layout and may be better suited for medium and large school districts.

Invoice Tracking - Optional Data Entry