SFSD Labor Hours Automation

This Add-On Module for NFSMI FUNDamentals is used to generate labor hours for all cost centers. Labor hours are generated based on each site's production calendar and personnel profile.

SFSD Labor Hours Generator

Step by Step:
  1. Select a date range. This will default to the current date range setting on the FUNDamentals Launch Pad. The module will use each site's production calendar to determine the number of production days for the date range specified.  The number of production days is then multiplied times the number of budgeted labor hours per day, per personnel type, as set up in the site's personnel profile.
  2. Click the Start button to start. If any sites have not established a production calendar, or no personnel types have been established for a site, the program will prompt and give you a chance to cancel as shown below.

  3. Click the Cancel/Close button to close the module.