Installing the MyFUNDamentals Software

Please read this document before installing the MyFUNDamentals software. It may be desirable to provide this web page, or a link to it, to your Information Technology staff for review. If you have not registered with Visual Solutions, please click here and provide the information requested. This step must be completed in order to provide you with your district's registration code.

Verify Hardware Requirements

Before installing the MyFUNDamentals software, please verify that the target computer system meets the following requirements:

Determine an Installation Type

The MyFUNDamentals software may be installed as a single-user application or as a multi-user application. Please refer to the appropriate section for installation instructions.

Determine an Appropriate Database Environment

If your district can be described by one of the following statements,

then you are highly recommended to upgrade to our SQL Server version. If Microsoft SQL Server is not available we offer an MSDE installer. Please see the Microsoft Hardware Requirements for details. Due to the technical needs and coordination with IT associated with SQL Server, this option requires a support contract. Visual Solutions will convert your Access database after the MyFUNDamentals Setup Wizard has been completed and provide a SQL database backup file. SQL Server 2008 or newer (including Express versions) environments are supported. The switch to a SQL database can be automated with the presence of an encrypted connection strings file for existing application users.

Regardless of the database environment you choose, Visual Solutions will provide a pre-loaded database customized for your district along with specific instructions on setup and configuration. Access users will receive a zipped Access database while SQL Server users will receive a zipped SQL Server Backup file that may be restored on any existing SQL Server instance. For detailed instructions on setting up the SQL Server database by restoring the backup, refer to this document. Starting the MyFUNDamentals application will allow for the configuration of the appropriate data source.


Installing MyFUNDamentals for a Single User


Installing MyFUNDamentals for Multiple Users

Note: For Server Installations utilizing Remote Desktop Services - RemoteApp, the software may be installed using the instructions for Single User. Information and instructions for making the MyFUNDamentals software available as a RemoteApp is available here. A benefit of this method is that no additional software installations are required for clients.

Multi-User Environment Requirements

Multi-User Environment Tips

Performing a Multi-User Installation

These instructions may be divided into two sections: Initial Installation, and Secondary Installation. It is common practice to run the installer from a common network location, meaning, a network drive or folder accessible from all intended workstations.

Initial or First Workstation Installation

Secondary Users Workstation Installation