Visual Solutions LLC provides a unique operational reporting software product line for school food service called FUNDamentals. FUNDamentals products are financial management information software systems developed to import the required data from existing sources such as software programs, spreadsheets, databases, and text files already in use by school food service authorities. If sources of import are not available, then data may be keyed or may be generated from a vast array of software modules easily integrated into FUNDamentals.
NFSMI FUNDamentals
Visual Solutions, LLC was awarded a USDA grant in 2000, administered by the National Food Service Management Institute Research Department at the University of Southern Mississippi, to develop a software product available to all schools and school districts that adhered to NFSMI’s document Financial Management Information System. After much research, the document was finalized in 2005 and can be downloaded from a link on this web site. NFSMI’s FMIS document establishes guidelines for both financial and efficiency measurements and reporting for the school food service industry. Visual Solutions LLC is still working under an active grant to provide the resulting software product NFSMI FUNDamentals at no cost to schools and it can be downloaded from our website.
NFSMI FUNDamentals is designed for single schools or small school districts where manual data entry does not present challenges. A yearly support agreement is required for collective yearly use.
For more information on the type of services available to schools under your authority please see the following web link:
To review the National Food Service Management Institute’s Financial Management Information System please see the following web link:
Visual Solutions LLC offers a vast array of add-on modules that are useful to eliminate data entry into NFSMI FUNDamentals and can be purchased by school food service entities. When add-on modules, such as importing or record generators, are packaged with NFSMI FUNDamentals the resulting product works under a unique customizable set of menu options. The menu options are the required monthly processes to obtain all analysis data. The menu options are arranged in order of operation and are collectively called MyFUNDamentals. School districts may purchase add-on modules separately or at an upgrade price. If purchased at an upgrade price then all importing, record generators, and modules not explicitly designated as ‘not included in upgrades’ are made available when needed.

What can FUNDamentals do for our district?
  • Provides efficiency and financial reporting for school food services
  • Provides benchmarks, goals, and operating objectives
  • Allows for comparisons between sites and other districts
  • Provides operational procedure guidelines and supervisory reporting
  • Provides feedback reporting to managers and staff
  • Shortcuts manual methods for reporting
  • State and USDA compliancy reporting