SFSD Best Practices Software Module 

Best practice objectives, for school foodservice entities, include utilizing performance measurements, benchmarks, and budgets to evaluate performance and provide a methodology for an accountability action plan.  This software product utilizes NFSMI FUNDamentals as an information source for obtaining cost center based data and takes that data to a revolutionary level.  Utilize this product to project budgets; report budget variances; set and measure program benchmarks; report for comparative analysis; establish incentive plans; and more.  The Best Practices software can be utilized to determine the participation and other variable requirements to bring schools operating at a loss to a profit.  With this software tool district administrators can truly make a bottom-line dollar difference in the school foodservice fund! 

Best practice objectives, for school foodservice entities, include a performance and cost-efficiency measurement system.  A performance and cost-efficiency measurement system allows both program level and district level food service personnel to make informed and timely decisions on the use of financial and other resources.  Establishing comparative benchmarks on performance and cost-efficiency measurements lends itself to managerial control in evaluating foodservices operations. Many school districts are in the process of implementing financial and other incentive programs for managerial staff believing that holding that staff accountable for operational benchmarks within their control will improve efficiency and benefit the overall child nutrition fund favorably.

The SFSD Best Practices module allows you to define your own set of criteria for the schools in your district. These criteria can then be used to group like schools which is essential in performing a comparative analysis or setting goals. Each dynamic report offerred in the Best Practices module can display Averages, Maximum, or Minimum for sites meeting the criteria selected. Not only can you build a report on the fly, but the software allows you to save your criteria selections which then become available in all other reports. Current reports offerred are:

      • Actual vs. Goals

This report displays all sites designated as 'Elementary' in a comparative analysis format. Each section of the report represents a specific performance area with the Actual, Goal, and Difference for each section. The footer for each column can display the Average, Minimum, or Maximum in each performance area. Goals can be reviewed and applied by clicking the 'Goals' button.

      • Meals per Labor Hour

This dynamic report displays all the information necessary in determining Meals per Labor Hours for all sites designated as 'Elementary' sites. In addition, the Minimum, Average, and Maximum figures for each column are shown in the report footer.

      • Participation by Program:

This dynamic report displays all the data elements necessary to arrive at a Percent Participation for Breakfast, Lunch, and After School Snack programs for each site. Again, the example above uses a user-defined grouping of schools designated as 'Elementary' sites. The report footer displays Average, Minimum and Maximum for each column.

      • Operating Ratios:

This dynamic report displays each expense category (from FUNDamentals) and it's cooresponding percentage of total revenue for each site designated as an 'Elementary' site. The report footer displays the Average, Minimum, or Maximum for each column.

      • Projected Budget: Click this link to view a sample projected budget. This budget was produced by examining a specific site, setting performance goals against actual performance data. This allows you to create a budget based on meeting the performance objectives specified. The budget report may be printed or exported. Below is a snapshot of Sample Elementary School. This screen is where most directors and local school administrators have the most fun! This screen allows you to see how meeting the performance benchmarks can affect a school's bottom line. It allows you to do an instant what-if scenario. Simply change a goal, and see the outcome immediately.

Click this link to see a report of this screen.