Add On Modules for MyFUNDamentals
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MyFUNDamentals Add On Modules Guide
Data Imports Visual Solutions provides Data Imports for all common data entry areas in the software including:
  • Accounting/Financial (Revenues and Expenditures)
  • Point of Service (Meal Counts, Revenues, and Eligibility Status Counts)
  • Labor Hours
  • Inventory Values
  • Provision Percentages
  • Vendor Expenditures
Contract Billing The Contract Billing Module for MyFUNDamentals enables School Foodservice Directors to establish other feeding programs not specifically addressed in the MyFUNDamentals base product. Programs such as Head Start or Meals on Wheels can be monitored with this add on module.
Provision Module The Provision Module for MyFUNDamentals calculates Provision Meals based on yearly or monthly claiming percentages. Visual Solutions provides a Provision Percentages Import for larger school districts.
Allocation Module
The Meals Allocation Module for MyFUNDamentals combines all monthly meal/eligibility status allocation processes into a single utility. This module performs meal allocations for the following areas:
  • Provision Meals and Eligibility Status (based on annual or monthly ratios) *
  • CEP (Community Eligibility Program) Meals and Eligibility Status (based on CEP setting and ratio)
  • Universal Free Snack (moves any paid or reduced to Free)

* Requires seperate installation of the Provision Module.

Allocation processes may be run one month at a time, or for all months year to date.

Budget Module The Budget Module for MyFUNDamentals will help foodservice administrators create a combination school based and/or district based budget for the current fiscal year or for the following fiscal year. The software enables users to see the effect of changing meal prices, adding or removing NSLP programs at campuses, changing participation in existing programs, and shifting enrollments where campuses may be consolidated or split. The software also enables the editing federal and state reimbursement rates used in the budget formulas.
Revenue and
Expense Generator
This Add-On Module for MyFUNDamentals is used to generate defined revenue and/or expenditure records based on the summary of any linked sub accounts. The formula used for record generation consists of a user defined operator, a user defined rate, and one or more selected revenue or expenditure sub accounts. This utility is useful for the following situations:
  • An alternate record source for the desired sub account is either not available or not reliable and a clear relationship exists between the source(s) and result accounts
  • The source(s) of the record generation have been generated or derived from a custom module, excluding a financial import
Budget To
Actual Generator
The Budget to Actual Add-On Module generates Revenue and/or Expenditure records by allocating a budgeted (user-defined) amount using one of two methods:
  • Spread Equally over 12 Months
  • Allocated to each month based on Production Days per Month

SFSD Labor Tracking The Labor Tracking Module for MyFUNDamentals allows daily, weekly, or monthly data entry or importing of labor hours. Labor hours can be reported by employee and can generate expense records based on the number of hours worked by the pay rate for each employee. This module can track regular production labor hours as well as vacation, sick leave, overtime, or any user defined labor hour type. This module is ideal for tracking substitutes and substitute costs where the district finance office does not post those expenses by school.
Invoice Tracking The Invoice Tracking Module enables users to enter and track invoices by vendor, cost center, and expenditure sub-account. Multiple cost centers and expenditure sub-accounts may be linked to a single invoice. A lookup screen allows users to:
  • Find an invoice by using filter and sort functions
  • Reload and Edit invoice details
  • Quickly get totals by date range and/or vendor
  • Export invoice information to a comma-seperated (.csv) format for analysis